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Yuelu Cui

Yuelu Cui, a native of Chinese, was born in 1995, Anhui province, China. Now is a graduate student in UTEP, taught by Dr. Oscar Macchioni. At the age of five, she begun to learn the piano under the enlightenment of mother, a music teacher in a primary school, which influenced she deeply.

In 2013, Yuelu was admitted to music college of South China Normal University in the first place as piano major and begun the more profound pursuit of piano music. She received her bachelor’s degree in piano performance and held solo concerts, gained  recognition by virtue of proficient skills and expressive performance from teachers. During her college years, Yuelu participated in many performances and activities in and out of the campus such as playing accompaniment in school chorus, have accumulated a lot of practical experience. Through learning music theory and history, during this period, Yuelu gradually formed her own understanding of music as well. Influenced by her mentor, she developed a keen interest in romantic music and practiced many works of the romantic composer such as Franz Liszt、F.F.Chopin、Johannes Brahms and so on ,intended to have more detailed understanding of that.In 2015, Yuelu played Franz Liszt Etudes d’execution transcendante Eroica, Johannes Brahms’s Variations on a Hungarian song, Debussy’ Jardins sous la pluie won 1st place of the 2015 Hong Kong international invitational in China.In 2016, Yuelu was invited to perform in “ODYSSIAD” International Keyboard Festival. After graduation, she was employed as an office assistance in the international office of South China Normal University. In the February, she was invited to France and England to perform in Chinese Spring Festival concerts. In May of 2019, she held the degree recital successfully.

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