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Preston E. Griffith

Preston Griffith is a Music Educator located in El Paso, TX and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Music Education at the University of Texas at El Paso. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Florida State University, and is certified in both Suzuki and Mark O’ Connor Violin methods. Seeking means of discovery and expression, he has dedicated his life to music, including solo violin, chamber music, and symphonic music.

Growing up in a musical family in South Carolina, Preston was taught how to play the violin at the young age of 4 through the Suzuki method. He performed in County, Region, and All-State orchestras throughout middle and high school, and also with the Carolina Youth Symphony. During his time at Florida State, he performed in chamber ensembles, the University Symphony, and the University Opera pit orchestra. He also performed with the Panama City symphony orchestra and gave several recitals.

Before coming to El Paso, Preston taught middle school orchestra from 2016- 2018 in Gwinnett County, Georgia. During this period he performed in local orchestras as well as with the Emory Tango Ensemble. He has developed a passion for Tango music, and recently went to Buenos Aires, Argentina to learn how to play tango violin from masters such as Ramiro Gallo, Guillermo Rubino, Cesar Rago, and Damian Bolotin.

Currently, Preston is a graduate student attending the University of Texas at El Paso. As a graduate assistant he helps teach courses such as high strings class, intro to music theory, and intro to music history. He is also an active member of the Sun City ASTA chapter, and a teacher in the UTEP String Project.

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