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Andrea Davis

Andrea Davis began playing the piano at age three.  At age twelve she began studying at the University of Utah with Dr. Bonnie Gritton, and at age thirteen she began teaching private lessons.  Andrea has competed in many competitions, including the Utah State Fair and the Summer Arts Festival.  She has toured Europe, performing in Salzburg and Budapest, and at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music.  She has also performed with the Salt Lake City Orchestra.

Andrea participated in the Partnership for Students in Utah program for two years, helping at-risk students achieve academically and artistically.   While performing, presenting assemblies, and teaching these children privately, she saw first handedly the transformative power of music.  With more than 25 years experience teaching privately, Andrea continues to find great joy in seeing the talents of others develop.

Andrea is now a mother of five, and is currently working with Dr. Dena Kay Jones at the University of Texas at El Paso.  She is researching gender inequality and sexism in classical music, and pursuing a masters degree in Piano Performance.  Nothing makes her happier than being able to connect with people through sharing her art.  Andrea is truly at home on stage.

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